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Our Difference – A Boutique Search Firm

In the current global market, companies are now partnering with boutique search firms to create a difference and receive all the benefits associated with the larger search firms while eliminating many of their drawbacks.


Today, it’s no secret our global war for talent is extremely competitive. Many manufacturing companies and industrial services organizations are competing in this global footprint at different points of their organizations’ journey and evolution. With this understanding and perspective, these companies have unique talent and recruiting needs that align their current state with their long term strategy. This alignment requires a Boutique Search Firm with Specialists who have wide industry knowledge and full commitment to understanding an organizations’ business, culture, evolution and current state of obstacles to overcome.




Reasons to Partner with ChiTwooD Group



Recruiting Specialist


Our Difference: We are a Specialist in manufacturing recruiting. With our boutique search firm, you will work directly with a recruiting veteran who has the knowledge and relationships to recruit talent that aligns both sides. As a boutique search firm, we are able to work on fewer projects. This allows for a better understanding of your organization, as well as, dedicating more time to your priority search. The results are a much quicker time to hire and completion of the search assignment.


Our Difference: We are not a generalist search firm who will begin the engagement with a Partner only to then pass you off to junior associates. Partners at large search firms will often manage more than 25 engagements at once, dividing time between priorities resulting in less attention to your recruiting needs. The time to hire and completion is substantially weeks even months longer.





Recommended Search Process

Most Large Executive Search Firms have a very ridged process. They want you to think is too complex and sophisticated to allow you to be a part of………


Our Difference: ChiTwooD Group (Boutique Search Firm) – We have a very structured recommended search process to discover, qualify, present and manage candidates. We also know the more you are involved in the process, the better we can learn your business and culture to find the best talent fit.






Off-Limit Conflicts of Interest?

Our Difference: Large Search Firms have significant off-limit constraints due to their contractual obligations not to recruit executives from their large lists of clients. Therefore, potential sourcing of true “A” talented professionals becomes substantially smaller. Boutique Search Firms have far fewer off-limit constraints and are able to engage more ideal “A” talent professional candidates.





Pricing Flexibility

Our Difference: A Boutique Search Firm does not manage their business for stockholders. Boutique Search Firms have the ability to create a pricing structure that meets your level of service requirements and expectations.