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An Employer can discover our firm’s executive recruiting capabilities and explore customized options to partner with their organization. No matter a large, mid size or small employer, we can customize recruiting solutions to fit!

ChiTwooD Group has over a decade of experience recruiting Top Talent in Manufacturing, Operations and End-to-End Supply Chain for small privately held to large Fortune 100 companies. Our success is built from fundamental principles of listening, understanding & developing relationships. Our relationships align an organization’s request for talent with the aspects of a candidate’s professional career and quality of life balance. When working with us as a partner, an employer will soon discover we deliver results and within set expectations.


Simply put, “we connect the right people with the right organizations at the right time”


We have the experience, skills, network and resources to meet our clients’ needs at a variety of levels i.e. Executive, Vice President, Director, Manager, and Individual Contributor.


ChiTwooD Group offers a wide range of traditional and customized executive recruiting services to include Retained, Priority Engagement, Contingency, and Confidential Discreet Search.

If you want to Explore our Services Offered or have any questions, you can contact us at mchitwood@mikechitwood.com or 502.414.0261

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